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Revitalizing Elemi Face Creme

Revitalizing Elemi Face Creme

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Handcrafted gently soothing and nourishing skin formula made from the finest natural ingredients. It balances out, protects, seals, and calms irritated skin.  Allow your skin to be revitalized with Elemi Face Crème!

Key Ingredients: 


  • Tallow is rich in fat soluble vitamins (D, A, E, and K) and minerals. 
  • It is similar to the structure of the human skin cell, meaning it contains the components our skin needs to repair and rebuild itself.
  • Tallow balances out, protects, and seals the moisture into the skin making it plump and radiant.  


  • Light weight and noncomedogenic so it won’t clog your pores
  • Amps up hydration and helps to fight signs of aging
  • Anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce redness and irritation

Essential Oils

  • Elemi essential oil can help normalize skin oils for both dry skin or oily skin.
  • Both carrot seed oil and sage essential oil can assist with sun damage and acne by helping to regulate sebum production. 
  • All of our skin care scents are gender neutral.

Please recycle your glass jar in your blue bag/bin of “non- beverage glass” or take it to a Recycling Depot. Must be empty, clean & dry.


• after cleaning the skin with our cleansing powder or Restore oil cleanser,  moisturize with Night Nectar
 Warm cream between fingers and gently press and pat into skin, allow 5 -10 minutes for absorption.
For optimum freshness, use within 6 months.

Size: 60 ml

Ingredients: Grass finished bison tallow, squalane, jojoba oil, honey, carrot seed oil, and essential oils (elemi and sage)

Elemi Face Creme is not a sunscreen

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