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Rainforest Tallow Balm

Rainforest Tallow Balm

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A gently soothing and nourishing skin formula that smells refreshing and slightly woodsy. Tallow balm is uniquely compatible with our skin. If other moisturizers have failed you, try our tallow balm for  callouses, dry skin or dry heels. It dramatically moisturizes the skin and creates a seal on the skin to make it easy to work around the garden, grease or cleaning without your hands drying out.  The natural seal helps to prevent dirt settling into the skin and makes it easy to wash away gardening dirt or grease. A little tallow goes a looong way to moisturize!

Please recycle your glass jar in your blue bag/bin of “non- beverage glass” or take it to a Recycling Depot. Must be empty, clean & dry.

Size: 60 ml

Ingredients: tallow, olive oil, jojoba oil, honey, essential oils(black spruce, balsam fir, cedarwood, amyris)

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