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Night Nectar

Night Nectar

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A luxurious natural experience.  Deeply repair & rehydrate, leaving thirsty skin looking plump and radiant. This is used as a night cream for all skin types or for acne prone skin.

Key Ingredients:


    • Tallow is rich in fat soluble vitamins (D, A, E, and K) and minerals. 
    • It is similar to the structure of the human skin cell, meaning it contains the components our skin needs to repair and rebuild itself.
    • Tallow balances out, protects, and seals the moisture into the skin

Sunflower Lecethin:

    • Lecithin helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defences. It aids the skin’s resistance to external stimulation.
    • Because of its high linoleic acid content, lecithin also aids in the moisture retention of the skin.
    • Lecithin changes the structure of the skin by allowing active substances to penetrate deeper into the skin. 
Carrot Seed Oil:
• Powerful antioxidant
• Helps kill fungi and harmful bacteria
• Decreases wrinkles due to carotenoids and linoleic acids
• reduces pores and acne
Frankinsense Essential Oil:
Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & discoloration
• stimulates growth of new cells and may help promote healing of skin imperfections
• stimulates blood flow and circulation 
• aroma diminishes feelings of stress & anxiety
Please recycle your glass jar in your blue bag/bin of “non- beverage glass” or take it to a Recycling Depot. Must be empty, clean & dry.


• after cleaning the skin with our cleansing powder or Restore oil cleanser,  moisturize with Night Nectar
 Warm cream between fingers and gently press and pat into skin, allow 5 -10 minutes for absorption.
For optimum freshness, use within 6 months.
Size: 60mL
Tallow, raw honey, sunflower lecithin, carrot seed oil, green tea seed oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, frankincense essential oil, geranium essential oil, balsam fir essential oil
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