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$70 Gift Box - Revitalize your Skin - Save $9.50

$70 Gift Box - Revitalize your Skin - Save $9.50

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This year purchase a Christmas gift that you can’t just find at the mall. Perfect for people with sensitive skin who want to get away from the use of chemicals and synthetics. Tallow cream will nourish your skin with natural oils that will leave your face bright and radiating with a youthful glow. 

Included in our $70 gift box is:

- 1 jar (60ml) Elemi Revitalizing Face Cream ( can be used for men or women)

- 1 jar (60ml) Your Choice Tallow Balm( Fragrance Free, Rainforest, or Laven-Balm)

- 1 (15ml) Tallow Lip Balm

- A special message in a bottle just for you!

Save $9.50

Gift wrapped ($2.00 value)


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