$29.50 Gift Box - Nature’s Gifts - Save $3

$29.50 Gift Box - Nature’s Gifts - Save $3

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The uses of beeswax are indeed limitless. Whoever received this gift box will truly begin to appreciate the benefits of beeswax. Beeswax wraps will keep your fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh longer than plastic alternatives. The tea lights are perfect for providing just a few hours of candlelight which means they are essential for the center piece on your dining table. The lip balm is made with pure beeswax ensuring your lips stay moisturized and protected from the cold Albertan winters. 

Included in our $29.50 gift box: 

- 1 Large Beeswax Pouch

- 1 Tallow Lip Balm

- 6 100% Beeswax Tealights 

Save $3.00

Gift wrapped ($2.00 Value)


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