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The Sych's

  We are a hardworking family with a vision to improve the health of our land, animals and families we nourish.  Multiple members of our family had various food intolerances and allergies. As a result, we  were forced to read ingredient labels on all of the food we bought. It was disturbing to find how many labels were filled with ingredients we couldn't even pronounce, let alone understand. Food should be simple. It should nourish the person consuming it. Yet, somewhere along the way this changed. So we decided to do something about it. 

Why we're committed to natural food

We knew that if we wanted to create the food we desired, we would need to do things differently. So, it was decided that we would raise animals in the most natural way, a way that would only get better with time, so we could produce food that was genuinely good for people.  We're working on the kind of farming that focuses on stewardship— realizing the gift in front of us and working to leave it even better than we found it. This involves building the relationships between the animals and the land they dwell on. As stewards, we gently guide the process to produce the kind of food that truly nourishes families. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re passionate about building up the men around us to be the leaders their families desperately need.  That’s why we invite men to our ranch for weekend retreats for men to work on the farm, learn some skills, suffer a little, and build one another up over work, community, and faith.  We believe the crisp morning air and a good day’s work finished with farm fresh food is good for the soul.

 Creating innovative retreats for women is also a goal.  Journeys of discovery and reflection work best alongside like-minded women who are experiencing similar crossroads in life.   We have yet to find the perfect woman for that leadership retreat role at the ranch, but we look forward to when we can create a way to connect with the gift of nature and to give space for each woman's mind, body and soul to rejuvenate. 

The beginnings of Keystone Ranch 
and its Men's Working Retreats

Farming demands faith and hard work. Responsibilities are shared from a young age, and at the end of each day you experience the tangible results of your work. If it isn't up to snuff, you'll feel it. 

With the decreasing number of family farms, few people experience what was so critical for Ben during his childhood. He wanted others to receive the benefits he did, so together with his wife Alanna he started Keystone Ranch.

It was decided that while the Ranch would produce good, nutrituous food for families it also would work to strengthen families. We decided to start with men — fathers. We see and feel a pandemic among men: An unwillingness to suffer for what is right, but arduous. 

We saw the farm as the perfect vehicle to build up some defenses against that pandemic.  We use the ranch as a training ground to work together with men to develop virtue, gain biblical insights on spiritual combat, and reconnect to the Creator whilst labouring in His creation. The goal is to find practical ways to apply our faith in our daily lives and wanted to embrace the struggle to appreciate hard-won results at the end of each day.Hope to see you there.

Family Owned & Operated

Dianne Russell

Ben Sych

Founder & CEO

Eleanor Pena

Alanna Sych

Co-founder, Sales, Delivery & More!

Bessie Cooper

Saul Sych

Sales, Retreats & Farmhand

Bessie Cooper

Olena Sych

Newsletters, photography, and flock boss