How it all began

Ben and Alanna were in a semi-retirement after working in the construction industry for 30 years. Things were going along quietly and smoothly.

Yet, for Ben, something was off. He was thinking seriously about how to truly "make your life a prayer." For him, retirement didn't seem to answer that question. So he looked back at his life, at what really mattered to him and what he was good at.

Wanting to combine his talents in farming, finance, and construction, starting a ranch didn't seem that outlandish.

Still, there was something more, as Ben volunteered with his sons at various camps and scouts adventures, and reflecting on his own childhood on the farm he began to realize that something was slowly dwindling away in our culture. Being an active member in the community, Alanna recognized it too, in the schools, sports teams, and community gatherings.

Ben found a longing in himself and men around him for the "Art of Living." Learning how to embody the virtues, learn practical skills, be a better husband, leader, follower, and community member.

Suddenly, starting a farm began to look like the perfect training ground to reclaim that "Art of Living." Together, Alanna and Ben set off to search and ask for help to find the right piece of land.

How are we going to do this?

Buying the property was one big leap of faith. But then came the question of "How" and "What" to farm.

All in on all natural

A little reminder...

As my old scout leader used to say,

"Always come prepared!"

Find that heavy blanket in back of your garage, dig out those old winter boots, and layer up enough to make a walrus jealous. Leave broadway behind, you're on the farm now!