"It is characteristic of any decaying 
civilization that the great masses of the 
people are unaware of the tragedy. 
Humanity in a crisis is generally 
insensitive to the gravity of the times 
in which it lives. 

Men do not want to believe that their 
own times are wicked, partly because 
they have no standard outside of 
themselves by which to measure their 
times. If there is no fixed concept of justice, 
how shall men know it is violated? 

Only those who live by faith really know what 
is happening in the world; the great masses 
without faith are unconscious of the destructive 
processes going on, because they have lost the 
 vision of the heights from which they have fallen." 

Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, 1948

 Every day we fight against an invisible spiritual enemy. 

We must recognize that it is our duty as Christians to engage in this battle for souls.
The Triumph Of Christianity Over Paganism, Gustav Doré


How we win the war

1. Recognize the tragedy of our times.

1. Recognize the gravity of the time in which we live.

2. Acknowledge your personal responsibility.

2. Acknowledge your personal responsibility to engage in this battle and strengthen yourself for spiritual combat.

3. Take bold action

3. Take bold action for Christ.

What can you do about it?

We often think — 'How could someone like me make any kind of difference?'

The Bible is filled with accounts of the unlikeliest of men venturing out to do the inconceivable, all to bring people back to God. The tasks appointed to these men were outlandish, yet by the grace of God, they went forth with boldness and zeal.

But how?

What is God calling you to change? What simple thing can you commit to that will make you a better man— a better man for others? As you accomplish one of these goals after another, you will be able to tackle bigger problems. 


Let's join forces.

We use our Ranch working retreats to form a brotherhood of men that are striving after virtue. Our goal is to unite the kind of men that we can learn from and work with to bring Christ back into the center of our culture. 

How it works
We invite men to Keystone Ranch to work on projects that reveal practical ways to apply the faith in our daily lives. Over the course of a weekend, we embrace demanding, physical work to reconnect to the Creator whilst labouring in His creation. 
Where you fit in
When you attend a retreat, you're paired up with like-minded men striving after virtue. As a unified group we encourage each other to take bold action for Christ. This bold action can be anything from boycotting, evangelizing, or even raising money for a family in need. It all matters. When you attend a retreat or buy our produce, it all goes to furthering this mission.
Our next retreat: Developing Virtue
Date: Friday, Sept 30, 2022 at 5pm  -  Oct 2nd 

Limited spots available
Price: $225
Reserve your place by emailing saul@keystoneranch.ca