Which tastes better? The chicken or the egg?

Which tastes better? The chicken or the egg?

Which tastes better? The chicken or the egg?

It turns out that it all comes down to what your chicken eats.

It's beautiful how simple it is. How each hen goes about her day will influence the egg that she produces each day. What's her diet like, does she exercise (or she locked in a cage), is she getting fresh air? What's the water quality like (no juices for her) Finally, how is the lighting of her barn. 

When you think about the eggs from your typical grocery store, you really don't know the state of the hens you're getting your eggs from.

It boils down to this— the nutrients, vitamins, minerals that a chicken receives will be directly translated into the nutritional value of whatever she is producing, be it eggs or meat.

This is why we feed our chickens eat a nutrient-dense mixture of organic flax seed, wheat, peas, and faba beans. This winning combination  is what helps our hens lay delicious omega-3 rich eggs. We do NOT feed soy or corn to our ladies.

In spring and summer, our chickens roam green pastures, scratching and scavenging for bugs and other tasty treats to feast upon. In the winter months, they lounge in the coop running free with ample space and a variety of toys to prevent them from feeling too 'cooped up.'

And as a small ranch, we pick, wash, inspect, and package the eggs ourselves, just like Grandma did in the good 'ole days.


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